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    Londoners Consultants are steadily in touch with the Universities in UK to ensure that...

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  • Who we are

    Londoners Consultants facilitates high calibre students in gaining admission to leading reputable Universities, Colleges and English Language Schools in the UK, Canada, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherland, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. LC provides exceptional services in student recruitment and full and extensive visa application guidance which is absolutely FREE!

    LC’s experienced Educational Consultants and Career Counsellors are internationally renowned as working in major roles in highly reputed Colleges and Universities and have an exceptional understanding of the student’s needs. Register Now! and provide LC the exceptional opportunity to boost your career prospects with an unmatchable excellent consultation service. Complete information on the university of your choice is provided and career counselling with full student visa support. Register Now and feel the difference!

  • Study in UK

    Londoners Consultants students gain many benefits through studying in the UK on their behalf. Through studying in the UK with LC students can access high quality education which has been built up over an 800-year history with the inception of Cambridge University. LC does visits to its partner institutions to ensure its partners provision for high quality education and quality should be maintained. LCs students gain a big advantage when they study in UK due to close links to institutions meaning any problem which the student has with the institution can be addressed by LCs student liaison team in a very prompt manner. LCs students also benefit from having 20 hours of work allowed thus the student can gain the practical worldwide acknowledged experience of the UK. Our partners are located in the heart of UKs cosmopolitan cities so our students who study in UK experience many exciting delights such as London, Bath, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester. LCs students who study in UK benefit from competitive educational fees to offer them the best value for money.

    Are you planning to study in UK or looking for professional advice? Londoners Consultants assists you to get your place in one of our reputable Universities, Colleges and English Language School in the UK. Register Now for a FREE one-to-one counselling session.

  • Admission in UK

    Londoners Consultants are constantly in touch with Universities, Colleges and English Language School in the UK ensuring you do not face any problems while getting admission to study in UK and educational programmes. Londoners Consultants provides career counselling, admission guidance and on the spot admissions. We provide trained professionals with extensive knowledge about what it is like to study in UK education system and universities. LC provides proven and cost efficient processes which therefore facilitates a fast and reliable admission process. Londoners Consultants guides students through every step of the admission process. Register Now for FREE.

  • UK Student Visa

    Londoners Consultants work closely with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) registered immigration visa specialists who ensure you the latest information. Londoners Consultants offers good value for money and exceptional UK student visa services. Our expert visa advisors provide relevant guidance and necessary support for you. Register Now for FREE to get advice from one of our friendly specialists.

  • Professional and Corporate Training

    Londoners Consultants provides professional academic training to companies and individuals at its quality centres in Oxford, Cambridge and London. LC offers teacher training courses such as PTLLs, CTLLs and DTLLs. LC’s team of qualified and experienced trainers are in the best position to offer advice which meets your organisational or individual needs. Londoners Consultants provides customised, flexible training to meet your organisation’s needs and budget. Contact Us Nowand join our network of professionals!